Who To Call When The Car Battery Dies (9 Options)

Are you thinking about who to call when your car battery dies? If so, you are thinking right because you are going to need to know this before your car battery dies in nowhere.

When our car battery goes dead, jump-starting always comes first in our minds. And jump-start is also the most important thing to do when your car battery dies.

But, some car owners really don’t know who to call for a jump start.

Sooner or later, your vehicle is going to die on the road, and you must call someone to start your dead car battery.

Therefore, to save your time and reduce stress, you should know who to call when your car battery dies.

When your car battery is dead, there are several options where you can call and jump-start your dead car battery. So, that is what I’m going to tell you from my own exercise about dead car batteries.

Who To Call When Car Battery Dies

who to call when car battery dies
Who To Call When Car Battery Dies

When your car battery dies, calling a friend or nearest roadside assistance, or your car insurance company are the most convenient options to get an emergency jump start.

Here are some options to call when the car battery dies:

  1. Call Your Friend
  2. Nearest Roadside Assistance
  3. Call Car Insurance
  4. Your State’s Roadside Assistance
  5. Contact AAA Roadside Assistance
  6. Contact An Uber Driver
  7. Search For A Mobile Auto Mechanic
  8. Contact A Lyft Driver
  9. Call Towing Services

1. Call Your Friend

call your friend
Call Your Friend

Calling a friend is the best option for who to call when the car battery dies. When your car battery dies, jump-starting your dead car battery becomes essential.

First of all, you must search for your friend who is near your dead car. Secondly, you should call your friend and let him or her know your current location.

In most cases, a jump-start is the most common practice and solution to get back the dead car on the car again.

So, tell your friend to bring a car that has an operable battery. You can also tell them you bring something that you need.

Unlike roadside assistance or any mobile auto mechanic, your friend is not going to be late to reach your spot.

There are also various reasons why calling a friend is the most convenient option to call when your car battery is dead.

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2. Nearest Roadside Assistance

nearest roadside assistance
Nearest Roadside Assistance

Nowadays, roadside assistance companies are available in every city and highway, so it’s not going to be hard to find roadside assistance near you.

If you don’t find any friends near your dead car location, you should call the nearest roadside assistance when the car battery dies.

Connecting with the closest roadside assistance is also very easy because of the internet.

Steps to call nearest roadside assistance when the car battery dies:

  1. Get your phone and turn on the internet connection.
  2. Open up any map application like Apple Maps or Google Maps.
  3. Type “roadside assistance near me” on the maps search bar and search.
  4. The maps show you various roadside assistance. But among various nearest roadside assistance, connect with the nearest one.

On the maps, you are going to find how far the roadside assistance and contact information is.

The cost to jump-start a dead car with the help of roadside assistance can vary depending on the state and the distance. That’s why you should connect with roadside assistance that is near you.

Keep in mind that roadside assistance only jump-starts your car dead car, but they can’t keep your car battery from dying further.

3. Call Car Insurance

call car insurance
Call Car Insurance

Yes, you can call your car insurance for a jump-start. But, you better be remembered that not every car insurance company covers roadside assistance.

Most car insurance companies do not cover jump start, but some insurance companies include policies with roadside assistance.

If your car insurance company has a roadside assistance policy included, then you are going to get help from your car insurance when your car battery dies.

After you call your car insurance, you need to tell them your current location so that they can send roadside assistance to jump-start your dead vehicle.

So, check your car insurance policies to find any roadside assistance policy. If you find any, then don’t call any third-party roadside assistance because the insurance company handles roadside assistance and its cost.

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4. Your State’s Roadside Assistance

your state's roadside assistance
Your State’s Roadside Assistance

Most car owners do not know that their state provides roadside assistance free of charge. If you know this now, it’s fine; just follow the guide here.

State’s roadside assistance is the United States Government program that keeps highway traffic free all the time.

The most interesting thing about the state’s roadside assistance is they not only jump-start your dead car but also provide tire change, tow service, and other minor changes to get the car back on the road again.

State’s roadside assistance is always looking for vehicles that cannot move and assist that car to run again so that the highway can be traffic free.

The state of California has Freeway Service Patrol, Georgia State has GDOT 511, and Texas state has HERO Roadside Assistance Program to give citizens free jump-start service.

To connect with the state’s roadside assistance, you need to search for your state roadside assistance. Most states have roadside assistance in the United States.

State’s roadside assistance only stays available during highway peak commute hours. Every state’s roadside assistance has a different service time.

I also found most states’ roadside assistance contact numbers are the same; you just dial 511 to call your state’s roadside assistance when your car battery dies.

5. Contact AAA Roadside Assistance

contact aaa roadside assistance
Contact AAA Roadside Assistance

We all know about the American Automobile Association (AAA) in the United States and Canada.

AAA is a privately held not-for-profit organization that provides auto insurance, roadside assistance, and other auto services.

If you are a member of AAA, you should call AAA for a jump start as soon as possible. AAA has branches in almost all cities in the United States and Canada.

AAA roadside assistance phone number is 1 (800) 222-4357, call them and tell them your exact location.

AAA roadside assistance operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week; therefore, you can get help whenever and wherever your car battery dies.

But, to verify as an AAA member, you are going to need to show your AAA membership card and also your photo ID.

Generally, AAA roadside assistance comes to the spot very quickly, but you might need to wait a little longer in some areas.

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6. Contact An Uber Driver

contact an uber driver
Contact An Uber Driver

Connecting with an Uber driver is another great way to get help when your car is dead on the road.

Uber does not provide jump-start services as a part of their official services, but an Uber driver allows to help customers by jump-starting their cars.

You need to negotiate with an Uber driver for your dead car battery. Most Uber drivers are going to help you jump-start your car.

Currently, jump-starting cars with the help of an Uber driver is very common.

Typically, Uber drivers know the right process of jump-starting a dead car battery. But, if someone doesn’t know, you should help to jump-start.

In most cities in the world, Uber is available, so getting an Uber in your location is not going to be so hard.

7. Search For A Mobile Auto Mechanic

search for a mobile auto mechanic
Search For A Mobile Auto Mechanic

We car owners already know what a mobile auto mechanic is and how they can help you to start your car with a dead battery.

A mobile auto mechanic is a group of people or individual people who carry out car repair and maintenance jobs in trucks or vans and go wherever needed to work.

No matter where your car battery dies, you can connect with a mobile auto mechanic to jump-start your car as quickly as possible.

The best way to find the nearest mobile auto mechanic is to find them on the internet.

You can find a mobile auto mechanic in your smartphone’s maps app. You can also find a mobile auto mechanic through third-party auto service providers online.

A mobile auto mechanic costs way less than an auto repair shop, and mobile machines also provide quick solutions on the spot.

The cost of a mobile auto mechanic varies state by state. But the average cost of a mobile auto mechanic is between $26 to $35.

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8. Contact A Lyft Driver

search for a mobile auto mechanic
Contact A Lyft Driver

Lyft is another very popular ride-sharing company that provides roadside assistance services.

Unlike Uber and other ride-sharing services, Lyft helps drivers in emergencies by giving them jump-starts.

Lyft provides roadside assistance with a large insurance company in the nation that is Allstate Roadside Services.

Lyft’s jump-starting service costs $59. That is a little bit expensive, but the service is really fast, and also they are experts.

You can call Lyft when your car battery dies, fuel delivery, tire changes, lockout services, and also for towing.

To connect with Lyft when you need a jump-start for your dead car battery, you just need to open the Lyft app, then tap “Help” after that, click “Roadside Assistance,” and a number will be provided for you to call.

Getting roadside assistance from Lyft is a straightforward process; you just need the Lyft mobile application installed on your smartphone.

9. Call Towing Services

call towing services
Call Towing Services

In many cases, car owners can’t properly detect whether the car battery is dead or if other defective components prevent their car from starting the engine.

That’s why connecting with a towing service is going to be helpful for you because they tow cars to auto repair shops to fix the issue.

A towing company also provides jump-starting service. So, if you don’t find any other options to call for roadside assistance, you can call the closest towing service.

Towing services mainly provide tow services for vehicles, but they also provide jump-starting dead car batteries, tire change, fuel delivery, and other roadside assistance services.

Most times, towing services jump-starting service is more costly than other roadside assistance options.

You can easily find towing services near your dead car location using your phone and internet.

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What To Do When Your Car Battery Dies

You can do several things when your car battery dies, but you must know the right options.

  • Jump-Start Dead Car:
    When your car battery dies, the first thing you should do is jump-start the car. In several options, you can jump-start your dead car. Also, jump-start is free; you just need another car and jumper cables.
  • Connect With Nearest Roadside Assistance:
    Earlier in this post, you know various options that provide roadside assistance services. So, if you have a dead car battery, call the nearest roadside assistance.
  • Call Your Friends:
    You should tell your friend to bring a car with a functional battery. With your friends’ help, you can jump-start your dead car battery and also push-start your car.
  • Leave Your Car For Some Time:
    You might be surprised to read this when I’m saying leaving your dead car for a couple of minutes. But, sometimes, car battery chemical reactions do not work as they should; that’s why the car battery does not provide electrical energy to electric car systems. So, if you allow the car battery some time, it might work again properly.

Can I Call The Police To Jump My Car?

Your nation’s police are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing. That’s why calling the police is not ideal for jump-starting your car.

Instead of calling the police department, you can call your state’s roadside assistance when your car battery is dead, and you need to jump-start your car.

While you are living in the United States or Canada, you have other options rather than calling the police.

You also can call AAA to jump-start your dead car battery. AAA roadside assistance is very fast and also continents.

Will Lyft Jump-start Cars?

Yes, Lyft jump-starts cars. Lyft provides roadside assistance services nationally only for $59.

Lyft is also a great option to call when the car battery dies in the middle of the road or nowhere.

From the Lyft smartphone application, you can submit requests for roadside assistance services.

Lyft not only jump-starts the dead car battery but also provides roadside assistance for a jump-start.

Lyft roadside assistance also includes fuel delivery, tire changes, lockout services, and towing services. So, make a call to Lyft when your car battery is dead.

Can I Call Uber To Jump My Car?

Uber does not officially provide roadside assistance services, but you can jump-start your dead car battery by negotiating with Uber drivers.

But, getting a jump-start from an Uber driver depends on that driver.

You better negotiate properly with the Uber driver so that the Uber driver can understand and help you.

A Portable Jump-Starter Can Help You When No One Is Around To Call

You cannot be certain when and where your car battery is going to be dead completely, and even a brand new car battery goes dead sometimes.

A portable jump-starter is a device that is capable of jump-starting a vehicle without any additional vehicle battery power.

Typically, you are going to need another car battery and jumper cables to jump-start your dead car battery. But, the portable jump-starter is not going to need another car to jump-start a vehicle.

The size of a Portable jump-starter is small that you carry it anywhere in your car.

The average dimension of a portable jump-starter is around 6.57 x 3.15 x 7.72 inches. So, you can carry it in your car anywhere you want.

No matter when or where your car battery goes dead, you can jump-start your car battery using a portable jump-starter easily without another vehicle.

So, as a car owner, you might consider getting a portable jump-starter to avoid any dead battery situation.

Final Words

There are several options you have to call when your car battery dies. You need to find out who to call would be best.

Often, car owners call their friends and the nearest roadside assistance for a jump-start. But, there are also more options that you can call to jump-start your dead car battery.

If you are a member of American Automobile Association (AAA), then you should connect with them because they can provide the quickest service.

Not all car insurance companies cover roadside assistance services, but you should check your car insurance policy to see whether they cover roadside assistance services or not.

Calling 911 would not be an ideal option when your car battery dies; instead, you can connect with your state’s roadside assistance, which is also free.

So, call only one option among all of them which one would be very helpful and cost-effective also.

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