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Caralso.com is all about helping our readers to give proper and comprehensive reviews, News, product, and comparison in the Automobile industry.

We always bring you 100% consistent, honest advice. On our website (caraslo.com), every word, whether in a blog or a review, is our own expert’s opinion with seven-year experiences.

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You may notice that getting a car solution from the internet is challenging and confusing, especially on the internet.

Yes, we know that.

But, as you can see here on our website, it’s straightforward and clear. You can get help from our platform without any doubt.

We believe in your trust, and that’s why our team gives their all effort to provide you with the most accurate solution for your vehicle.

You will be surprised that now, every week, we posted an article for your most commonly asked problem, so you can get the solution and know about your problem as soon as possible.

Meet Our Team

Meraj Sarker

Meraj Sarker is an automotive expert and worker in an automotive store here in Florida, USA. He is a student of Automobile Restoration. Meraj Sarker is the founder of Caralso.com. He loves cars, trucks, pretty much everything in the automobile industry.

If you need any car maintenance tips, Meraj will help you right away. Anything about the automotive industry, he will tell you about it. When he’s not working, Meraj spends most of his time traveling and hanging out with friends and talks about cars.

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Aaron Johnson

Aaron is a specialist in automotive diagnosis, and he has been working for around six years. He is also a reporter and reviewer. He is living in New York City. Aaron kept in touch with what was new in the automobile industry. He works on many blogs and websites as a writer.

Aaron always provides new staff and knowledge about cars that you need to know. and, Aaron always keeps an eye on what is coming in the automobile industry and provides this News on our website. Aaron loves to talk with people, especially about cars and playing racing games.

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