How To Jump Start A Dead Battery Without Another Car (Fast)

To jump-start a dead battery without another car requires easy-accessible tools that you might already have on your car and the right knowledge.

Whether you are driving a manual or automatic transmission car, this guide on jumping a car without another car helps you immediately. And, regardless of what transmission car you are driving, you will have a dead battery someday.

In this guide, we will know several safe methods to jump your car without another car and even jumper cables, the tools you will need, useful tips on jump-starting a car by yourself, and safety precautions.

Key Takeaways

➜ Jump-start signifies the starting procedure when a vehicle has a depleted or dead battery.
➜ Using a jump starter, you can jump-start your car anywhere and anytime. And, by the jump start box, you can jump-start a car by yourself.
➜ Push-starting a car is only possible when you are driving a manual transmission car. You will need other help to push-start a car with a dead battery.
➜ Calling for roadside assistance should be your method to jump-start a dead battery without another car because you should start your dead car easily by utilizing a jump starter.

Tools and Equipment Needed

As I mentioned earlier, you are going to need some limited tools and basic knowledge regarding jump-starting a car.

Tools you needed to jump-start a car without another car:

  • A working jump starter or booster pack
  • A smartphone with an internet connection
  • At least two or more friends push the vehicle

Important Note: Above any of the tools and equipment you have, you can jump-start a dead battery without another car. You are not going to need each of them to jump-start.

Safety Precautions for Jump-Starting A Car Without Another Car

Safety comes first, not last; with that remembering, you need to take proper safety precautions before starting.

  • Removing any type of jewelry is highly recommended before jump-starting your car, particularly on your wrists. Jewelry can pull a charge and produce a shock when it is near the battery terminal.
  • Ensure you turn off your car completely to jump-start a dead battery successfully without damaging it.
  • Wear non-conductive mechanical gloves to avoid shock from the battery.

How To Jump Start A Dead Battery Without Another Car

how to jump start a dead battery without another car

The most useful way to jump a car without another car is by utilizing a portable jump starter for both automatic and manual cars. But, if you are driving a manual car, then you can push-start the car that requires no other car or cable help.

4 methods to jump a car without another car:

  1. Use a Portable Jump Starter
  2. Push-Starting: Manual Transmission
  3. Utilizing a Booster Pack
  4. Connect with Roadside Assistance

1. Use a Portable Jump Starter

Vehicle owners commonly utilize a jump starter to jump start a car because it’s hassle-free, and you won’t need another car.

And even jump-starting your dead battery using a jump starter will not require anyone’s help, so you can do it by yourself. And jump Starter is also known as a jump-start box, jump host, and jump box.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to jump-start a car without another car using a jump starter:

Step 1: Check the jump-starter charge level

A jump starter or jump-start box contains a battery that transfers power directly to the car’s discharged battery. Hence, that portable battery must hold enough charge to provide the necessary power to crank the engine and start the dead car.

The first thing you need to do is check your jump-starter charge level. The Jump-starter is required to be fully charged in order to jump-start a dead battery. If the jump starter does not have a charge, then plug it in to be charged.

Step 2: Make the connection between the jump starter and the battery

Making the right and proper connection between the jump starter and the dead battery is the most crucial step to jump-start a car with a jump box, so you have to be careful.

Most modern portable jump starters come with integrated cables; even now, some jump starters come with reverse polarity protection.

If your jump box does not come with cables, you will require extra jumper cables to perform jump starting. And if your jump box comes with reverse polarity protection, then you won’t need to worry too much about attaching jumper cables to the right battery terminal.

Now let’s make the connection, connect the red clamp of the Jump-starter to the vehicle’s dead battery’s positive post (+).

And then, connect the jump starter’s black clamp to the unpainted metal surface on the car’s frame. That’s it; make sure you double-check the connection.

Step 3: Start the jump-starter

Turn on the jump starter and let your car’s dead battery be changed for a few minutes. Do not move the jump starter or make any changes to the connection while it charges your car’s dead battery.

Step 4: Try to start your dead car

After minutes or two, try to start your vehicle. If the jump-starting works optimally and contains full charge, also you make the right connection between the jump box and the battery, the car should be cranked immediately.

However, if your car doesn’t start, change your car battery for a few more minutes and then try to start the car again.

Step 5: Turn off the jump starter

Once your car starts, you need to turn off the jump starter properly. When the jump starter is off completely, disconnect the black clamp first, then the red clamp. Make sure you don’t leave the jump-starter on.

That’s all; this is the easy and simple way to jump-start a car without another car using a jump box that requires nobody’s help but yours.

Note: A jump-starter is a necessary tool that every car owner should keep in their car’s trunk. So, as an auto mechanic, I highly recommend keeping a jump starter in your vehicle and ensuring it is fully charged to avoid dead battery trouble.

Most jump-starters come with useful features like USB, type-C, USB-A 2 port and more, which means you can charge your phone and other accessories.

The price of a jump box depends on the quality and features. You can get a jump-starter somewhere between $50 to $200 in any auto shop and hardware store.

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2. Push-Starting: Manual Transmission

jump start your car without another car by pushing

Push-starting is a useful method to jump-start a manual car without another car and jumper cables because all you need is someone who can push your dead car.

Push-start or push-starting, also known as bump starting, roll staring, clutch starting, or crash starting. You better be known push-starting can only be applied on manual transmission cars to jump start.

That means your automatic transmission dead car won’t be jumped by push-starting.

To perform the push-starting technique to jump-start your car, you are going to need the help of one or more people and a flat or slightly downhill stretch of road.

So, let’s see the step-by-step process of push-starting a dead car:

Step 1: Position your car

The first step to jump-start a car by push-starting is parking the car in the right position. Choose a flat distance from the street or a slight incline stretch of road to park your car.

Step 2: Get your friends to the rear of the car

You have to gather 1-2 friends or helpful strangers to push your car. Your friends need to go to the rear of the car, and you also should tell them to get ready to push.

Step 3: Turn “on” the ignition

Before telling your friends to start pushing, you must hop into your car driver’s seat and then turn on the ignition.

Step 4: Use the parking brake

Now, you need to put your car into the parking brake. Parking brakes are also known as emergency brakes.

Step 5: Shift the car into second gear

While your car is still in the parking brake, press the clutch down and shift your car into second gear.

Step 6: Push the brake pedal and release the parking brake

First, press your car’s brake pedal and then release the parking brake properly.

Step 7: Tell your friends to start pushing

Slowly release the brake and tell your friends to start pushing the car. Keep the steering straight while the car increases speed.

Step 8: Release the car’s clutch

When your friends start pushing your car, you have to monitor the car’s speed because when the speed reaches 5 mph, you just need to release your car’s clutch. And the engine should be started after releasing the clutch.

If your car doesn’t start the first time, try with a little high mph one more time.

3. Utilizing a Booster Pack

A booster pack is a power source that has the ability to start any type of vehicle dead battery. The booster pack is portable, so you can carry it wherever you like and use it whenever you need it.

The Booster pack is equipped with a 12-volt sealed lead acid battery inside from where your dead battery gets charged to start.

A booster pack and jump starter have the same job; that’s why except for the size, there is no difference between a jump box and a booster pack.

Compared to a jump starter, a booster pack is much bigger and also has more capacity to jump-start a dead car battery.

Just like a jump box, a booster pack comes with a pair of cables, and there is a positive and negative connection too. Therefore, the process of jump-starting a car with a booster pack is the same as jump-starting with a jump starter.

In general, large vehicle (truck, SUV) drivers are used to carry a booster pack to jump-start the vehicle without another car since it is quite large and has more power.

4. Connect with Roadside Assistance

When you have tried all the possible methods to jump-start a dead battery without another car, but you won’t be able to start the car, then the only method remaining is calling roadside assistance.

Also, if you don’t have a jump starter or booster pack or someone with you, you can get help from roadside assistance.

Besides, if you don’t have previous experience with jump-starting a dead car or you don’t want to bother, then considering a roadside assistance service is the best option for you.

Along with jump-starts for a dead battery, roadside assistance also provides services like flat tire replacement, winching, lockout services, fuel delivery, and even towing.

And, as you might know, most auto insurance includes roadside assistance service. Hence, if you have car insurance, there is a high chance you are already eligible for roadside assistance services.

You can also be able to get help from roadside assistance without insurance. All you need to do is find the nearest roadside assistance and connect with them.

The service cost of jump-starting by roadside assistance varies by the location of your car and other factors. But, on average, roadside assistance charges over $15 for jump-star a dead battery.

Useful Tips for How to Jump Start a Dead Battery Without Another Car

Let’s know some useful tips that will help you jump-start a dead battery without another car.

  • Wearing safety goggles and non-conductive mechanic gloves is highly recommended to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.
  • Sometimes due to improper and loose cable connection, the dead car won’t start. Therefore, you should reconnect the cable and then try again.
  • Keep the jump box always fully charged so you can jump-start your dead car anywhere.
  • There is no substitute for purchasing a quality jump starter. That’s why you should increase your budget for buying a jump box and get the best one.
  • The method of push-starting is only applicable to manual transmission cars, not automatic transmission cars.
  • There is nothing to be ashamed of or anything wrong with getting help from roadside assistance when you don’t have any experience in jump-starting.


You have several ways to jump a car without another car, and each method of jump-starting is different from one another.

You can utilize a jump starter or booster pack when you want to jump-start an automatic car without another car. On the other hand, to jump-start a manual car, you can do that by push-starting or jump-starter too.

You better keep an operable jump box on your car so you can jump-start your car by yourself.

The process of Jump-starting with a jump starter and booster pack is the same; hence you follow the steps.

But, when you want to jump-start your dead car by push-starting, someone’s help is required, either from your friends or a stranger.

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