6 Reasons Why Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air When Idle

Figuring out why car AC not blowing cold air when idle is going to be very simple if you know some of the most common reasons behind it. Car air conditioner cold not blowing cold air is a widely common issue, and it happens often.

The car air conditioning system depends on various factors; that’s why it’s a little bit confusing why your aircon not cold when idle. But you don’t need to be a professional to find it out.

The following guide will let you know what are the reasons why Car air conditioner not blowing cold air when idling and what you should do.

How Car Air Conditioner Works

Automobile air conditioning systems are used to cool the interior air of the vehicle in hot weather. Whether you are talking about the home air conditioning or the car, both of them are used to make hot air cool.

The car conditioner works by cycling refrigerant. First, the air conditioner makes refrigerant gas into a liquid and then brings it back to the gas state again, and that gas blows from the air conditioner and makes the car interior cool. Understanding how an air conditioner works is that simple.

Knowing what a car air conditioning system is and how it works helps you diagnose why car AC is not blowing cold air when idle. So, let’s know why it happens to your aircon.

Why your car shakes when AC is on

Why Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air When Idling

When the car condenser gets blocked or broken, it cannot cool down the refrigerant, and eventually, your car AC doesn’t blow cold air when idle. So, a blocked condenser can be a cause why your car AC not blowing cold air when idle.

When AC blows warm air while idling, there can be various reasons why you should check other components.

car ac not blowing cold air when idle
Why Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air When Idle

Here are some reasons why car AC not blowing cold air when idle:

  1. Broken or Blocked Condenser
  2. Overheated Engine
  3. Lack of Refrigerants
  4. Debris
  5. Bad Condenser Fan
  6. Faulty Condenser Parts

1. Broken or Blocked Condenser

car blocked condenser
Car Broken or Blocked Condenser

A car air conditioning condenser is a heat exchanger; it compresses the refrigerant. The car AC condenser is situated in the front of the car; that’s why debris gets to the condenser so easily and eventually blocks completely.

When the air conditioning condenser gets blocked, it can’t compress the refrigerant. If the refrigerant can’t be cold, it can’t blow cold air when idle.

Any of the hard wreckage can bend or break the car cooling systems condenser. Frequent cleaning will prevent all that debris from getting stuck into the condenser.

Always try to keep the condenser clean. It is the best practice to avoid this issue in your car ac system.

2. Overheated Engine

car ac not blowing cold air when idle for lack of freon
Lack of Freon

When your car’s engine temperature is not at the right level as it should, many of the car’s difficulties arise in your car.

The Compressor moves air to the condenser from the radiator; if the car’s engine is already overheated, then the radiator and condenser fan can’t work properly.

A car air conditioning system takes energy from the engine, but when your car engine is overheated, the car AC system can’t get the right amount of energy as is needed, and this is another reason why AC is not cold when idle.

The ideal engine temperature should be between 195 and 220 degrees. If your car engine temperature goes above, then this is going to be the problem of your car engine.

3. Lack of Refrigerants

Refrigerant is also known as Freon, and it should be at the right level to produce cold air. Cold air coming out from the air conditioner is the refrigerant gas; that’s why if there is a leak of refrigerant gas in the air conditioner, it cannot blow cold air.

The ideal Freon level should be below 30 psi on the low side, moreover below 150 psi on the high side. And always avoid an overcharged ac system.

Whether you refill the Freon in the car AC system or remove Freon from the car, both are simple tasks to do.

Refilling the Freon in your car ac system can be the solution for car air conditioners blowing hot air when idle. So, check the Freon level in the first place.

4. Debris

There are several ways debris can get into your car’s air conditioning system to make it not blow cold air.

The vehicle’s air conditioning system is always located in the front part, so it is so easy to get debris and waste. Frequently getting debris into the air conditioning system can make your car AC not work when idle.

Debris also can cause broken or blocked condensers. Check your car air conditioning with a professional. Regular maintenance of your car can be the best way to prevent debris from getting into the car AC.

5. Bad Condenser Fan

Bad condenser fan
Car Bad Condenser Fan

Car AC condenser fans cool down the condenser to compress the refrigerant gas properly. But, if the car air conditioning system condenser fan can’t work, the condenser can’t compress the gas to blow cold air when the car is idle.

However, when you drive your car at high speed, the condenser fan doesn’t need to cool the Freon because the Freon gets air from the outside.

And when the car is not running or moving, The condenser fan is the only tool that can cool the Freon.

6. Faulty Condenser Parts

Air conditioner systems an essential component is the condenser; that’s why keeping it in check is always necessary.

A condenser combined with other parts like condenser motor, coil, fins, and relay switch. The condenser won’t be able to work properly if those parts of the condenser are not operating.

Faulty condenser parts are an obstacle to working the condenser. Check condenser parts to detect any issues. Often time condenser parts need to be replaced for work again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my AC drain my car battery?

It depends. If your car is not running, then AC can drain your car battery Because AC gets power from your car battery, and it can drain your car battery completely.

On the other hand, the car runs, and the car’s electrical system is excellent, so there is a “no” issue. Because while the vehicle is running, the car battery is getting charged.

Is it ok to run the car’s air conditioner without Freon?

Without Freon you can run the car’s air conditioner, and AC will still function. But without a Freon in the car’s air conditioners, it can start serious damage that will eventually lead to an air compressor’s repair and even the full system could be broken down.

A low level of Freon will also damage the whole air compressor and lead to overheating. The air conditioner is designed for a particular refrigerant charge.

When refrigerant charge drops, this upsets the general operation of the Air conditioner. To avoid this problem, you should always check your car Freon level: save your money and car damage.

Final Thoughts

We cannot think about a road trip without an air conditioner, and These days car air conditioners are part of our Life.

There is no excuse for car AC not blowing cold air when idle is our vehicle’s major problem.

As a result, the air conditioner may cost you to pay a couple of hundred dollars or a thousand dollars depending on the problem.

I always recommend taking your car to a professional mechanic and telling him all your experience with this issue.

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